exhibition Judith Samen
© Judith Samen

The exhibition doublebind displays works of 27 artists
video | photography| performance| installation

In doublebind twenty-seven artists reflect on their double role as artists and mothers.
Their works tell a very personal story about the subject of art–children–career. They also
reveal how society deals with working mothers.

--------- How do female artists combine art, children and career?
--------- How does the art scene regard female artists with children?
--------- What has changed in the last twenty years?

We have asked the artists these and similar questions. Some of their statements will
soon be published on this website. The entire interviews are shown in the exhibition and
will be published on a DVD that comes with the catalog of the exhibition.
Location of the exhibition is Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. May 11th – June 9th 2003.

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